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Darjeeling is a brand which has served as a popular tourist destination from years and still manages to do so even now. It is known as the Queen of the Hills and the beauty that it naturally possesses are just jaw dropping and never fails to amaze the tourist who travel a long way to Darjeeling. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Darjeeling stands at an altitude of around 2050 meters above sea level. The Darjeeling is perfectly placed with the view of the Kanchenjunga at the background which changes its appearance as the sun changes its position throughout the day.

The hot and humid summers of the plains are the main reason, the tourist visit Darjeeling during the summers in great numbers. During these peak tourist seasons, the availability of accommodation and transportation could be really hectic but as you slowly climb the hills of Darjeeling, the smell of the fresh tea gardens, the soothing mountain air, the sudden fog that blinds the roads ahead are small packages of happiness and experiences which Darjeeling has in store for its visitors.

Darjeeling was the summer capital of India under the British rule and some of the main features of Darjeeling is also the gift of British. The toy train of Darjeeling was established back in 1881 and amazingly runs till today. It was declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and it is one of the most engaging activity that the visitors to Darjeeling love to experience.

Darjeeling is also a reservoir of a variety of communities like the Tibetans, Nepalese, Lechas, Bhutias and few others who have been co existing and blending from ages creating a culture that is a mixture of all the existing cultures. There are many sightseeing options in Darjeeling and one of the best activities done by all is the sight of Sunrise from Tiger Hill, which takes a little effort to wake up early and travel till Tiger Hill but the sunrise is worth all the pain, that is taken up by the visitors. Darjeeling is an adventure which cannot be missed at any cost.



Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI)

It is a pilgrimage for all climbing enthusiasts which has provided valuable lessons to various climbers until now. This institute was established in the year 1953 to honor Tenzing Norgay who had climbed the Mt. Everest. The museum consists of several expedition artifacts and some real climbing tools used by Tenzing Norgay. It is a few minutes walk from the Mall Road.

Tiger Hill

Located at the highest point in Darjeeling area, Tiger Hill is best known for the dazzling sunrise view of the Kanchenjunga and the snow-covered peaks of the entire eastern Himalayan range. On a clear day, you can even see the Mount Everest from here. Tiger Hill is located 11kms distance from the Darjeeling Town and it takes about 40 minutes to reach by car. For the sweeping views of sunrise, you need to reach there before 4.15am as well as you must visit there during the right season for the visible peeks.

Batasia Loop

Located 5km from Darjeeling Town and just below Ghoom, Batasia Loop as the name suggests is a loop or a spiral of a narrow gauge railway track where the Toy Train negotiates a sudden sharp descent from Ghoom. It's a wonderful viewing place with manicured gardens, streams and falls, from where you can get a wide range view of the Darjeeling's landscape, Kanchenjunga, and the other Eastern Himalayan peaks. There is an Eco garden in Batasia which provides different kinds of information on the plantation and organic farming. And there you will see species of plants such as Gingko Biloba and tea plants also.

Darjeeling Mall (Chowrasta)

Every traveler that comes to Darjeeling is always asking for directions to the Mall Road and Chowrasta which is a common place where all the locals gather. There is a large screen at Chowrasta which often plays some traditional songs which adds a feeling of celebration to the already interesting Mall Road. There is a long stretch of road that starts from Chowrasta and also ends here too which is a nice road journey for people who like to talk and walk simultaneously. There is various souvenir buy stalls there to choose from.

Rock Garden & Ganga Maya Park

Popular as one of the main tourist points in Darjeeling, Rock Garden, and Ganga Maya Park is a water park which was created by cutting down already present rocks. There are terraced gardens at each level which makes the park even more beautiful. The waterfalls are perfectly placed on the rocks and create a soothing view and a delightful treat to the eyes. Ganga Maya is a further extension of the park which also has even better and beautiful streams flowing through it along with flower gardens and fountains.

Japanese Temple & Peace Pagoda

At a distance of about 10 minutes from the main market of Darjeeling, the Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda is a beautiful monument of Peace which lies in between the forest and tall pine trees. The prayers are done twice a day and the sound of the drums and the chanting of the prayers are very soothing and it is surely something that provides the visitors with inner peace and tranquility.


The tea estates of Darjeeling grow different types of Tea. The most popularly grown and consumed is the Black Tea, which is fermented and cured to bring out the maximum depth & flavor out of the leaves. The Oolong variant is a milder version of Black Tea since the leaves are comparatively less oxidized. The Darjeeling Green Tea is widely consumed on account of its high anti-oxidant content. The green tea is extremely beneficial for health.


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