Earlier a subdivision of Darjeeling district, Kalimpong was recently been declared as a separate district which has an area of around 1056 sq km and around 49,401 people who are culturally diverse. Kalimpong is located at an altitude of around 4100 ft and is comparatively lower than nearby hill stations like Darjeeling and Sikkim. The pleasant climate of Kalimpong is a treat to travelers who escape the plains during the summer. The weather suits all and the surrounding hills, Himalayan snow peaks, sweeping landscapes and lush greenery are few best reasons to visit Kalimpong.

Kalimpong was once under that rule of the King of Bhutan. However, the Kings later had to hand it over to the British around 1864, when the British arrived here after realizing the beauty and the favorable climate of Kalimpong. The British rule of Kalimpong is still evident in the form of Churches, big schools, lovely housing architectures, and few institutions that still exist and also used as important structures. The British left Kalimpong yet their constructions and structures still stands tall reminding everyone of one of the phases of Kalimpong that is part of its rich history.

The culture of Kalimpong is diverse and its history explains exactly what had caused for this coexistence of several cultures in one place. After the British landed here, several Nepalese and other tribes from the plains started migrating here. The original inhabitants here were the Lepchas but due to some dispute in Tibet, several refugees also flocked from Tibet and migrated here in search of a better future. Slowly and steadily it became a trading hub for nearby trade activities with Tibet which existed till 1960 until China took over Tibet.

Kalimpong makes a great travel destination due to its pleasant temperature that is evident throughout the year. The heritage of Kalimpong is very rich and you must visit here to understand the reasons behind the coexisting tribes of Kalimpong. Several tourist interests are spread across the length and breadth of Kalimpong which are unique and the culture of Kalimpong can be evident from its local markets like the haat bazaar which smells of local traditional spices and items that has been carried forward from generations.



Dr. Graham's Homes

It is a heritage school in Kalimpong which was set up by Dr. A Graham in the year 1990 as an orphanage cum school to provide education and to make them ready for the challenges of life. The school is spread across a huge area and the buildings that exist here are really old and the school makes a good sightseeing option.

Lord Buddha Statue

One of the highest points of Kalimpong, Delo is also a great viewpoint which has few breathtaking sightseeing options. Near Delo, there is one such Buddha statue which is sitting in a Lotus posture where the devotees stop to pay respect and offer prayers here.

Sherpa View Point

A few miles ahead of the Buddha Statue towards the Delo Hill lies a watershed and a viewpoint popularly known as Sherpa viewpoint. The Viewpoint provides a great view of the North and the South. The travelers are gifted with the beautiful view of the valley along with the view of the Relli river.

Hanuman Temple

On the way to Delo near the Durga Mandir is a tall statue of Lord Hanuman which stands tall on top of a hill which is only reached after you cover quite a lot of stairs. The view from this point is amazing and the windy air and the surrounding hills and their views are the best part of the place.

Army Golf Course

On the way to Durpin lies a 9 hole golf course which is maintained by the army authorities in Durpin. The golf course is a wonderful sight which can be seen from few of the viewpoints around Kalimpong. It is located near the Circuit house.

Padmaja Naidu Zoo

Houses the elusive yet exotic red panda along with snow leopards and Asiatic black bears. The zoo is named after the former Governor of West Bengal.


The tea estates of Darjeeling grow different types of Tea. The most popularly grown and consumed is the Black Tea, which is fermented and cured to bring out the maximum depth & flavor out of the leaves. The Oolong variant is a milder version of Black Tea since the leaves are comparatively less oxidized. The Darjeeling Green Tea is widely consumed on account of its high anti-oxidant content. The green tea is extremely beneficial for health.

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