North Sikkim

North Sikkim

The Northern district covers the largest area among all other four districts of the state but in terms of population, it is the least populated. Mangan is the district headquarters of North Sikkim. The district boasts of its immense natural beauty, the largest variety of flora and fauna, highest green cover and is the custodian of rich culture. The traditional governing body within the villages known as Dzumsa is still practiced in Lachung and Lachen. North Sikkim provides a magical and natural feeling of the Himalayas and also provides a perfect blend of nature, culture, and religion.

The Yumthang Valley and the Gurudongmar Lake are the most popular destinations within North Sikkim. The North Sikkim amazes the tourist through its variety of altitudes within its limited area. The North has altitudes ranging from 3894 ft to 17,100 ft which shows the variety of places here.

North Sikkim

Places of Tourist Interest

Kabi Lungchok

It is a popular place in North Sikkim where the "Treaty of Blood Brotherhood" was signed between the Lepcha and Bhutia's. The forests of Kabi Lungchok are known for their varied flora and fauna and there are about 22 tree species and thousands of birds that are found here. Bird watching is a popular activity here and other attractions here are hidden caves and springs.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

The waterfalls fall on the route to North Sikkim and the captivating place is a perfect place to stop for a little relaxing break during the journey. There is a small footbridge just over the stream which provides a better view and photographic spot. As you climb higher up, you are treated to a beautiful sight of the waterfalls from that height.


It is a paradise for the adventure enthusiast who is always looking for new places to explore. The place offers a variety of short day treks and remote treks to places here like Jhandi viewpoint and Tosha Lake trek. The local and traditional Lepcha houses and the popular ancient Singhik Monastery is also a popular destination which needs to be traveled on foot through a beautiful trail.


Chungthang is a small yet a beautiful town which is perfectly present at the confluence of the rivers Lachen and Lachung. The river Teesta, which is a vital element here and also the lifeline of Sikkim also originates here. The small town is also claimed it to be the place where the initially hidden valley of rice was first originated in Sikkim.


The picturesque mountain village of Lachung stands at a height of around 8610 ft, surrounded by snow capped mountain and peaks. Its beauty is further decorated through the presence of waterfalls, streams, apple orchards which makes it a perfect and diverse holiday destination.

Yumthang Valley

It is known as the Valley of Flowers due to its richness in orchids and other beautiful plants like Rhododendrons. The valley has a tree line and a vast stretch of a flowering valley which is wonderfully decorated with a dense bed of rhododendron flowers for miles which comes in many different colors like purple, blue, red, pink etc.


It is one of the most beautiful towns situated in Northern Sikkim and also makes an attractive tourist spot which has few heritage monasteries and is also a beautiful place which is gifted with natural beauty. Its natural beauty and serene green surrounding is something that the visitors come here to get a taste of.

Chopta Valley

Chopta Valley is a popular tourist hotspot in North Sikkim known for its varying shades of greenery. Chopta Valley is popular for its variety of colors that are evident through its variety of blooming flowers that make it a riot of colors during summer.


it is a beautiful village which stands at an altitude of 13,500 ft. It is a beautiful village where the tourists usually visit to have a close time with nature and at peace. It falls on the way to Gurudongmar Lake and this village is a perfect destination for pampering yourself in the lap of mother nature.

Gurudongmar Lake

At an unbelievable attitude of 17000 ft, Gurudongmar is one of the highest located lakes in the world. It lies in the North side of the Kanchenjunga Range and is surrounded by the snow-covered mountains. The sacred lake freezes during the winters except at one spot, which the devout belief has been blessed to give a permanent source of water even during the freezing seasons.

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