When we started our company Kelly Tours & Travels, i envisioned our tours to be out of the box, a little what we call 'hatke'. Because come on you are coming to the Himalayas to see the Mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, lakes et’all and also to see the culture of this place. Being an avid lover of nature and a rustic traveller myself , i would never want to come from a concrete jungle to see another concrete jungle... and of course because of the random build ups of hotels, parks, restaurants our Himalayan towns are slowly turning into one... So even a weekend escape to the countryside gives me a much needed breather... as i soak myself in the surroundings... the sights and the sounds of the jungle... I get my much needed 'forest bath for my soul'.

But alas we got caught up in the rat race and like our other counterparts aka travel agents, we too got caught into dealing with 'packages' !!!!

But somewhere we got our focus back, i think Sikkim and its surroundings are not just based on so called 'sightseeing points 'there are much deeper meaning and intresting things to see and do, not to forget... that not so very long ago, this used to be the 'Demazong' a small kingdom itself, so she's got a history too besides being beautiful …

So to cut a long story short, Kelly Tours & Travels have come up with the idea of selling or introducing our guests to the rustic rural life of these places mostly using Homestays ... and we have our own inhouse fleet of vehicles with experienced drivers driving on these routes and also well versed with the terrain,its people and places ... with all of these things combined as one you can sure get a shot experience of the real hospitality of the regional people as well as the ways of life practiced in this region... after all as i always tell my guests, you are not coming to this part of the world to have a Rajma Chawal on a hotel buffet !!!Hell you have come here to experience the real Himalayan !!!!

So let's do it the Himalayan way !!!!

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